Deschutes Brewery

Family and employee owned since 1988, Deschutes Brewery – Bend’s original brewpub – has become the cornerstone of Central Oregon’s flourishing craft brew culture. Known for its generous use of whole hops in its defining beers such as Black Butte PorterMirror Pond Pale Ale, and Fresh Squeezed IPA, the brewery also keeps fans on the edge of their bar stools with the release of small batch experimental beers each season. Now available in 28 states and Washington D.C., Deschutes’ flagship brewpub has been joined by a main brewing facility overlooking the Deschutes River in Bend, a pub in Portland, and coming in 2021, a new east coast brewery in Roanoke, Virginia.


Black Barleywine: This behemoth of a barleywine brings all of the rich malt character you would expect, with a color and subtle roasty edge that make it surprisingly drinkable.  The chocolate and licorice flavors help cut the malt sweetness, with a finish of vanilla, nougat, and creme brulee from extended aging in oak.  **100% aged in bourbon and wine casks ABV: 11.9%  |  IBU’s: 45

Planete Bruin: This Sour Ale is named for its 14 different ecosystems, this intergalactic offering is a blend of multiple brown ales, aged in oak; some in sherry barrels, some in pinot noir barrels. The aroma is vinous, and there are notes of cherry, pepper, and berry on the palate. A faint malt sweetness creates a sweet counterpoint to the acidity  ABV:10.6%  |  IBU’s: 13