ill City Brew Werks

Mill City Brew Werks was started in 2006.  Our Camas Restaurant opened in 2012.  We are distributed on West Coast by 5 distributors.  Mill City was my brain child, my family opened the Zech Brewery in 1594 in Bavaria. The brewery is still proudly running today and was my inspiration to start breweries in the US West Coast.

We have been Barrel aging beer from day one of Mill City.  We Barrel age our Trip Wire Russian Imperial Stout in rum barrels and our Log Splitter IIPA in bourbon barrels.  We have experimented with other barrels and continue to evolve our Barrel program.

Mill City Mission Statement:Located in Downtown Camas, Mill City Brew Werks is a small craft brewery and restaurant based in Camas Washington. As we are locally owned and operated it is our goal to support other businesses within Southwest Washington area and utilize local products and services to bring you what you are looking for, quality craft beer and great food!


Whiskey Barrel-aged Log Splitter Imperial IPA: A smooth, sweet, fruit-forward giant.  Caution!  This giant is built with a massive amount of malt, creating a slightly sweet, heavy caramel malt backbone.   Sweetness is the key to this beer – it helps provide balance to the hop bitterness. Layring in seven different hop varieties, giving this beer an over-the-tip fruity hop profile.  Smooth, fruit forward, clean and overly balanced. You’ll quickly forget this is a 10% beer.  You’ve been warned!  ABV: 10%  |  IBU’s: 100

Trip Wire: This beer boasts a whopping 11.5% ABV.  Smooth, thick and sweet best describes this beer.  Aged for 6 months in spiced rum barrels with vanilla beans soaked in bourbon, figs and raisins this beer is layered with heavy notes of chocolate, coffee, burnt caramel and toffee, the malt is forward and hops are minimal.  Very little of the typical burnt charactersistics of a traditional RIS. Thi sis the perfect beer to combat the long, cold winter nights. ABV: 11.5%  |  IBU’s: 37