Oregon Mead & Cider Co.

The Oregon Mead & Cider Co. crafts premium, stone-dry meads and ciders born from the bounty of the Northwest and the pioneering spirit of our grandparents. We are dedicated to using hyper-local, ultra-premium ingredients, and we utilize traditional and modern winemaking techniques to ensure that the bold characteristics of our apples and honeys always have center stage. Oh, and we don’t use sulfites. Or cane sugar (you know who you are, other cidery).


Toasted Coconut Lemongrass Mead aged in Dominican Rum Barrels: This wildflower mead was fermented with lemongrass and hand-toasted coconut and then aged in a Dominican rum barrel for 8 months.  Think Malibu run!! ABV: 6.25%

Whiskey Barrel-aged Farmhouse Mead: This farmhouse mead was aged for 9 months in McMenamins whiskey barrels with Citra hops and just enough Brettanomyces to make the angels sing. Hints of vanillin, nuttiness, and citrus. ABV: 6.5%  |  IBU’s: 6