Standing Stone Brewing Company

Standing Stone Brewing Company is a full-service restaurant-brewery in Ashland, OR committed to craft beers, great food, and sustainable business.  We work to operate our restaurant and brewery in way that protects and restores the environment and supports the health and happiness of our community, guests and employees.


I ❤ Oregon Ale: Refreshing flavors of citrus & grapefruit, medium bitterness, dry finish.  Brewed with Klamath Basin grown barley & Ashland grown hops.  ABV: 7.3%  |  IBU’s: N/A

Vienna Lager:  A quintessential amber lager made popular in Mexico by Austrian immigrant brewers.
Soft and chewy bread-like flavors, mild toastiness, clean and crisp. ABV: 5.1%  |  IBU’s: 20