Caldera was founded in 1997 by Jim Mills, in 2005 Caldera was the first craft brewery to brew and can it’s own beer on the West coast. Caldera pioneered canning beer on the West coast, today it is the norm to see craft beer in cans. Cans protect the beer by eliminating light & oxidation, and are 100% recyclable. Caldera’s 28,000 square foot facility houses the brewery, production, and storage, as well as a full service restaurant with 43 Caldera beers on tap over looking Grizzly Peak in Ashland, Oregon. Last year Caldera celebrated it’s 20th. year anniversary of quality Ales & Lagers. “Because it’s beer :30 somewhere”



German-style Ale. ABV: 5.3% | IBUs: 24

Broken Auger

Wild beer with black currant. ABV: | IBUs: