Mazama Brewing

Mazama Brewing is a packaging brewery in Corvallis Oregon own and operated by Jeff and Kathy Tobin. They started home brewing in 1984 and knew they had found a passion in their new hobby. Their brewing pursuits included making beer styles that were once very difficult to find in the United States. This finally led to a long delay trip the Belgium in 2011, which provided the inspiration to start Mazama brewing.


¡Salud! | Mexican Style Amber Lager: A Mexican style amber lager brewed with traditional Austrian Lagering techniques. This copper colored lager has a pleasant maltiness and medium body. It has a biscuity Mal flavor and aroma and has a clean, crisp finish that will leave you testing to your health. ¡Salud! ABV: 5% 

Juicy IPA: An experimental, rotating Juicy IPA. This IPA is inspired by New England styles and each batch utilizes different hops. ABV: 7.1%